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Soon to be at craft fairs near you
Crochet Toy


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Soon to be at craft fairs near you

Hi All

So i have taken the plunge and will be doing a few craft fairs this year.

12th April  i will be at the Poppyred Market see this page
It is being run by

26 - 27th April i will be at the Folk weekend in oxford 
have a look at this website

I will also be at the Brentwood craft fair in November

It will be a test to see just how it goes, i am hoping to build on the great support i already have.

Crochet Toy

Bunny Making

This is one of the early bunnies that I have been making.

This was made for my nephew.
the colours were chosen by his mother.

I am busy making many more... 

They cost £30 plus the cost of P&P

To see more designs, go to the bunny page